Local Wildlife - Land


Red Deer can be seen throughout these islands and are the larger of Scotlands two native breeds.


Rabbits are a common sight in the Hebrides and a walk along the machair will reveal many burrows. They are often seen on the machair land and along the cliff tops.


Although the sheep in the Hebrides are kept as livestock, you could easily mistake them for wild ones as many roam freely across the landscape. There is even a special breed of Hebridean sheep which has a dark brown or black coat and horns.

Highland Cows

This iconic Scottish breed lives in the Hebrides and they are hardy and more suited to the rougher grazing that this countryside offers. They are bred to be able to withstand the harsh weather of the climate.


Mink were introduced to Uist and Benbecula from the mainland (originally from America). There are concerns about the mink population due to the threats they pose to ground nesting birds.